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LTL Holdings started as a joint venture of the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) and the large multinational group – ABB of Norway. This resulted in LTL enjoying the combined advantage of the stability of a state sector organization with the efficiency of the private sector. Our organization culture exemplifies the qualities of a successful private and public partnership – it has proven that state-controlled entities do not have to be inefficient, slow and loss-making businesses, but that with the right leadership and management any company can excel.

Being a pioneering Sri Lankan engineering company, LTL admires the engineering skills of our forefathers. This is why we operate a comprehensive program of scientific illumination of Sri Lanka’s archeological sites. We have completed 30 such projects starting with Ruwanweliseya 15 years ago.

We pride ourselves on our ability to make accurate decisions quickly, and can surpass most well-organized private firms when it comes to taking and implementing decisions. It is due to this rapid decision making that we have been able to snap up the global opportunities for our transformers. Millions of people in rural Africa today have access to electricity due to LTL’s timely move to African countries with low electricity. We have been firmly entrenched as a reliable power infrastructure provider in these nations.


An underlying theme of LTL is the desire to help the Sri Lankan economy. Our decisions are not based on nationalistic emotions but on a realistic sense of national belonging. Until LTL came into the picture, transformers were imported from various suppliers. We came with the intent of making a standard product to suit Sri Lanka. Today, the more than 25,000 transformers that dot the streets and by-lanes of the island are all manufactured by LTL and we have grown into a global brand.