lanka transformers limited services


LTL has been involved in numerous EPC contracts and solutions including Thermal Power Plants, Wind Power Plants, Hydro Power Plants, Transmission Lines and Substations, Underground Cabling and Network Upgrading, with great success and customer satisfaction. We provide comprehensive engineering plans of the project and obtain the necessary raw material and equipment. It is due to our years of experience that we are able to ensure quality on all our contracts and deliver within the given time and budget. We take on the responsibility of completing the project within the given specifics. LTL’s engineering plans have helped complete projects by reducing overall costs and improving productivity. Our organization supply tailor made engineering solutions as per the customers requirement in the minimum cost and shortest time.

The organization is also a renowned in undertaking Operations and Maintenance contracts Locally as well as Overseas. Past and current contracts have been completely fulfilled by achieving all availability and energy delivery targets.

We specialize in the following key areas,

  1. Engineering, Procurement and Construction
  2. Operations and Maintenance
  3. Tailor Made Engineering Solutions