Power plants in sri lanka

Power Plant In Srilanka

Track Record

Since the Construction of its First Power station in 1997 .Lakdhanavi has set an impressive track record, In Sri Lanka .
  • Completed the 15 year, Build Own & Operate [BOO] contract for the Sapugaskanda power plant in Sri Lanka. A 24 MW diesel plant, built in 1997.
  • Completed the EPC contract and a 10 year O & M Contract for the 100 MW Heladhanavi power plant at Puttalam, Sri Lanka. Since commissioning in 2004, Lakdhanavi has overseen.
  • EPC and O and M Contarct for Yugadhanavi 300MW Multi Fuel Combined Cycle Power
  • Within the last two decades. Lakdhanavi has constructed and operated emergency power plants at Sapugaskanda. Ernbilipitiya and Puttalam, in Sri Lanka. in capacities ranging from 20MW to 40MW.
  • Lakdhanavi Completed EPC construction of 24 MW power plant in Chunnakam. Jaffna.
  • Lakdhanavi Limited has diversified its presence in multiple fuel sources and is now expanding towards capacities beyond 500 MW. From EPC services to 0&M services. Lakdhanavi Limited has established its name in local as well as overseas power markets.

300 MW Kerawalapitiya EPC, O&M and IPP contract with CEB– 2007

Project Name 300 MW Yugadanavi Power Station
Operator(s) West Coast Powe
Owner(s) LTL Holdings
Power Generation Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
Power Generation Equipment 3 × 100 MW
Scope of Work

Construction of the power station began in November 2007, and progressed in two phases, with the first 200 MW phase completing in a record 10 months, and the second phase completing later in February 2010. Phase 1 of the power station was ceremonially inaugurated by President Mahinda Rajapakse on 8 December 2008.

100 MW Heladhanvi IPP contract with CEB– 2003

Project Name Heladhanavi 100MW Medium Term Thermal Power Plant
Employer Lakdhanavi Ltd.
Address No: 67, Park Street, Colombo 02.
Power Generation  Thermal Power Plant
Power Generation Equipment 100MW

4 MW Assupiniella Mini Hydro

Project Name Mini Hydro Power Plant – Assupiniella
Employer Nividhu (Pvt) Ltd.
Address No: 67, Park Street, Colombo 02.
Power Generation  MiniHydro Power Plant
Power Generation Equipment 4MW

2.4 MW Belihuloya Mini Hydro

Project Name 2.4MW Mini Hydro Power Plant – Beluhuloya, Sri Lanka
Employer Nividhu (Pvt) Ltd.
Address No: 67, Park Street, Colombo 02.
Power Generation  Hydro Power
Power Generation Equipment 1 × 2.4MW

10 MW Pawandanavi Wind Power Plant

Project Name 9.6MW Pawan Danavi Wind Power Plant
Employer Pawan Danavi (Pvt) Ltd.d
Address No: 08, Rosmead Place, Colombo 07.
Power Generation  MWind Power Plant
Power Generation Equipment 12 * 850 KW